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How to Write a Resume:  Extended Summary Section Examples

The following is an example of how an extended summary section of a resume might be written:

Highlights of Qualifications

Management Skills

  • Accomplishment 1
  • Accomplishment 2
  • Accomplishment 3

Supervisory Skills

  • Accomplishment 1
  • Accomplishment 2
  • Accomplishment 3

Communication Skills

  • Accomplishment 1
  • Accomplishment 2
  • Accomplishment 3

Offering a well-written summary section can only boost your odds of getting your resume placed in the "call for an interview" pile, therefore, it is worth spending some time creating a good summary. 

Write the Summary Section to Match the Classified Ad

If you want to make your summary section even more powerful, you can match it to the job advertisement.  Doing this will make it even easier for the reader to see how well-qualified you are for the job.  After all, the skills, experience and traits listed in a job classified ad are the ones the employer believes are most important. 

Extended Summary Section Examples

When writing your summary section to match the job classified ad, be careful that you don't parrot or mock the job classified ad by copying exact phrases from it.   Instead, make it obvious you meet all or most of the requirements asked for in the classified ad using your own words.  If you don't meet a specific requirement, leave it off and highlight the skills and qualifications you do have. 

For example, suppose a classified ad reads as follows:

"WANTED:  Office manager with experience in construction industry, payroll experience required, knowledge of MS Word, Peachtree, fast typist, dictaphone, shorthand, have supervisory experience, able to work in busy office for six bosses."

To make her resume stand out from the 200 other applicants who will respond to this ad, an applicant could tailor the summary section to match her skills to those asked for in the classified ad as follows: 

Summary of Qualifications

Office Manager with 17 years experience working in the construction industry providing administrative support to management.  Highlights include:

  • Skilled in all aspects of office procedures, including payroll processing and account management for medium-sized construction firm;
  • Experienced user of popular business spreadsheet and word processing software, highly proficient in Peachtree and MS Word;
  • Hired, trained and supervised office staff consisting of eight clerks and junior secretaries;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, hectic environment while effectively providing support for five-member management team;
  • Ability to type 80 w.p.m., with superior shorthand skills.

The above summary section makes it easy for the reader to see that this particular applicant has all of the qualifications asked for in the ad and it encourages the reader to keep on reading her resume with renewed interest.   And, if the work history section of her resume supports the statements offered in her summary section, her odds of getting the opportunity to interview for this job are higher. 

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