Should Your Resume Be Loaded with Keywords?

Since most companies use computer databases to sort through hundreds of resumes and find qualified job applicants, it is very important that your resume contain specific keywords in order for it to be found in the vast resume databases that can contain millions of resumes.  How can your resume get picked when there are hundreds or even thousands of other resumes of people with similar backgrounds?  If you submit your resume at a large career website, such as, and your resume doesn't contain enough or any of the keywords companies use to locate people, then how are they going to find you?  Your resume is going to sit in the resume database rarely, if ever, pulled up by companies conducting job interviews.  In fact, if you have submitted your resume to several career websites and are surprised that you aren't getting enough job interviews, it might be that your resume isn't competing well in resume databases.

For this reason, many people add a keyword section to the bottom of their resume and make it a point to insert specific keywords in their resumes and even in their cover letters as well, so that their resumes will be selected more often when someone does a search.  The more keywords your resume and cover letter contain that are relevant to a specific job, the more likely it is that your resume will be selected in a database search and the more likely it will be at the top of the search results and read first by those making the hiring decisions.

All large and mid-sized companies use databases to manage the resumes sent directly to them.  If you send your resume to a specific company and are applying for a specific job, make sure you use the same words and phrases on your resume and cover letter that appear in the job ad.  Doing this will result in your resume being selected more often when someone from the company searches the company's resume database.

How many keywords should you add?  A good rule of thumb is to add at least 100 keywords at the bottom of your resume under a section entitled "Keywords".  Don't forget to list all relevant skills in the keyword section:  management, technical, computer (including software / hardware) and list the same words and phrases that appear in job advertisements.

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