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Improve your Resume with Power Verbs

The following list of power verbs is to help you think of your skills, experience and achievements.  Using "action verbs", as they are often called, will help you create a more powerful resume.  Try not to use the same word over and over.  Use a synonym instead.

A, B  abridged, absolved, accelerated, accomplished, accounted for, achieved, acquired, acted, adapted, added, addressed, adjusted, administered, advanced, advertised, advised, aided, allocated, altered, analyzed, answered, applied, appointed, appraised, approved, arbitrated, arranged, articulated, assembled, assessed, assigned, assimilated, assisted, attained, attended, audited, augmented, authored, authorized, automated, balanced, began, bid, blended, broadened, budgeted, built

C calculated, calibrated, cared for, carved, categorized, catalogued, chaired, changed, charted, chose, clarified, classified, coached, coded, collaborated, collated, collected, combined, communicated, compared, compiled, completed, composed, compounded, computed, conceived, conceptualized, condensed, conducted, conferred, confirmed, confronted, conserved, considered, consolidated, contracted, constructed, consulted, contacted, contracted, contributed, controlled, converted, conveyed, convinced, cooperated, coordinated, copied,  corrected, corresponded, counseled, created, critiqued, customized, cut

D  debated, debugged, decided, decreased, defined, delegated, delineated, delivered, demonstrated, derived, described, designated, designed, detected, determined, developed, devised, diagnosed, differentiated, directed, disbursed, discovered, dispatched, dispensed, displayed, disproved, distinguished, distributed, diversified, documented, doubled, drafted, dramatized, drew up

E   earned, edited, educated, effected, elaborated, elicited, eliminated, enabled, encouraged, enforced, engineered, enhanced, enlisted, ensured, entertained, established, estimated, evaluated, examined, exceeded, executed, exhibited, expanded, expedited, experimented, explained, explored, expressed, extended, extracted

F   fabricated, facilitated, familiarized, fashioned, filed, finalized, fixed, focused, followed, forecasted, formulated, fortified, found, founded, framed, functioned as, furnished, furthered

G, H, I  gained, gathered, generated, governed, greeted, guaranteed, guided, halted, halved, handled, headed, helped, hired, hosted, identified, illustrated, implemented, improved, incorporated, increased, individualized, indoctrinated, influenced, informed, initiated, innovated, inspected, installed, instilled, instituted, instructed, insured, integrated, interacted, interpreted, intervened, interviewed,  introduced, invented, invested, investigated, involved, isolated, itemized

J, L   joined, judged, justified, launched, lectured, led, lessened, listened, litigated, limited, located, logged

M, N, O  made, maintained, managed, manipulated, manufactured, marketed, marshaled, mastered, maximized, measured, mediated, memorized, merged, met, modeled, moderated, modified, molded, monitored, motivated, named, narrated, navigated, negotiated, netted, neutralized, nominated, normalized, notified, nurtured, observed, obtained, offered, offset, opened, operated, orchestrated, ordered, organized, originated, outlined, overhauled, oversaw, owned

P, Q   participated, perceived, performed, persuaded, photographed, pinpointed, pioneered, planned, predicted, prepared, prescribed, presented, presided, prevented, printed, prioritized, processed, produced, programmed, projected, promoted, proposed, protected, proved, provided, publicized, purchased, qualified, quantified, quoted

R  raised, realized, rearranged, received, recommended, reconciled, recorded, recruited, rectified, redesigned, reduced, referred, registered, regulated, rehabilitated, reinforced, related, remodeled, rendered, reorganized, repaired, replaced, replicated, reported, represented, reproduced, researched, reserved, resolved, responded, restored, restructured, retrieved, revamped, reversed, reviewed, revised, revitalized, routed

S   saved, scheduled, screened, sculptured, searched, secured, selected, served, serviced, set up, shaped, shortened, signed, simplified, simulated, sketched, smoothed, solicited, sold, solidified, solved, sparked, spearheaded, specialized, specified, speculated, spoke, sponsored, staffed, standardized, started, stimulated, streamlined, strengthened, stretched, structured, studied, submitted, succeeded, suggested, summarized, supervised, supplied, supported, surpassed, surveyed, synthesized, systemized

T   tabulated, tallied, tasted, taught, tempered, terminated, tested, testified, traced, tracked, trained, transformed, translated, transmitted, traveled, trimmed, troubleshot, turned, tutored

U, V, W  uncovered, underlined, underscored, undertook, underwrote, unearthed, unified, united, updated, upgraded, used, utilized, validated, vaulted,  verified, visualized, volunteered, widened, won, worked, wrote

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