Reference Checks:  Questions An Employer Asks

When an employer contacts your references, these are the questions they usually ask:

  • Your official title and job responsibilities / duties
  • Your major weaknesses and strengths
  • Your overall job performance and quality of work
  • How you compare to other employees in similar positions
  • Your ability to get along with management, co-workers (clients, customers)
  • Your major accomplishments
  • What kind of job they think you're best-suited to do
  • Your dates of employment and eligibility for rehire
  • Whether or not they recommend you for the type of job you're seeking
  • If you held any other positions in the company and if you were promoted
  • Why you left the company
  • Your eligibility for rehire
  • Your ability to be a team player and self-starter
  • Your communication skills
  • Your moral character (integrity, honesty)
  • If personal problems ever affected your work
  • To rate your overall job performance on a scale of 1 to 10
  • Your leadership, supervisory and managerial abilities (management only)
  • Ability to make short and long term plans (management only)
  • Administration and budgetary skills (if applicable)
  • Technical skills (if applicable)
  • Ability to handle stress
  • Hiring abilities (if applicable)
  • Questions based on information in your resume (that an employer is likely to ask about)
  • Specific questions you have requested that we ask
  • Ask them if they would like to say anything about you

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