Employment: Types of Recruiters

There are three basic types of employment search firms:
(1)  The employment agency.  These firms usually search for candidates who earn less than $30,000.  Sometimes the job seeker is required to pay the fee for job placement,  but these days, the employer usually picks up the tab.

(2)  The contingency search firm.  These firms handle positions paying between $30,000 and $60,000, and earn their fee only if they locate the candidate who is eventually hired.  The employer always pays the fee.

(3)  The retained search firm.  These firms charge the employer at least 20 percent of a candidate's annual salary and are paid regardless of whether any candidates they locate are eventually hired.  They typically handle positions paying more than $60,000.

Since only a small percentage of people will find employment through a recruiter, one shouldn't rely too heavily on them.  Instead, submit your resume to recruiters that specialize in placing people who work in your particular field and continue searching for employment on your own.  You can submit your resume online or by letter.

If you have registered with an employment agency, keep in contact with your assigned counselor, as they are busy, have many clients, and might assume you have found employment elsewhere if you don't call them regularly and tell them you are still looking for work.  Ask them to be honest with you about your odds of finding employment with them so you can move on.
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