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Sample Report 9:  Architect -- Excellent Recommendation

Transcript of conversation:

Reference:  Hello, this is [name deleted].

Interviewer.  Hello.  My name is [name deleted].  I'm a recruiter with [name of company} doing a background check on a former employee of yours, [name of employee].  Could I speak with you about him for a few minutes?
Reference:  Yes.

Interviewer:  Were you his supervisor?
Reference:  Yes

Interviewer:  Could you confirm that his dates of employment were March 2009 to April 2013?
Reference:  Yes.

Interviewer:  And his job title was Senior Project Manager?
Reference:  Yes.

Interviewer:  His resume states that his job duties were providing client and consultant management services including contacts, fees, and correspondence.  Responsible for coordination of design, technical systems and specifications, code compliance and documentation supervision. Is that correct?
Reference:  Yes

Interviewer:  I noticed he wasn't employed with your firm for very long. Did he leave or was he terminated?
Reference:  He was terminated due to lack of work.  He wasn't fired for poor performance.  Our firm had very little work . . . it's still very slow around here . . . we couldn't afford to keep him. 

Interviewer:  How would you rate his overall job performance?
Reference:  Excellent.  Very detail-oriented, very thorough.  His overall management skills are excellent. He managed a large project . . . he managed the largest project we had to date . . . which has been shelved since he left.  He works very well with others.  I really hated to see him go.

Interviewer:  Can you say anything bad about him?  Does he have any weaknesses?
Reference:  Not really. I certainly can't think of anything.  He's very self-motivated.  Excellent attention to detail.  He's a good architect.

Interviewer:  Did he get along well with management and clients?
Reference:  Oh yes, we're a small firm.  We're about 20 people and he got along with everyone.

Interviewer:  I was planning to ask you if he is a team player and self-starter, but I think I already know the answer.
Reference:  Yes, he is definitely a team player and also a self-starter, takes the initiative.

Interviewer:  And I would assume you would rate is oral and written communication skills as excellent?
Reference:  Yes.

Interviewer:  And his management ability?
Reference:  He has excellent management skills -- a good leader.

Interviewer:  What about his technical skills?
Reference:  Yes. In fact, he knows much more than I do technically.  He's very thorough.

Interviewer:  I was also going to ask you about his character and other things, but I don't think it will be necessary.  I gather you think very highly of him?
Reference:  Yes. I do.

Interviewer:  I assume you would recommend him for employment as a Senior Architect or Project Manager if one of my clients were to contact you directly to discuss his employment history?
Reference:  Oh yes, definitely.  Like I said, we hated to let him go, but we had no choice.  Things are still slow at our firm.

Interviewer:  Alright.  Just one more question.  Is there anyone else at your firm that I should speak with that could discuss his employment?
Reference:  [Name of person].  You could talk to him.

Interviewer:  Okay.  I might call him later.  Thank you for your time. Goodbye.
Reference:  Bye.

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