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Reference Check:  Sample Report 2:  Mediocre Recommendation

Transcript of the interview:

Interviewer:  Ms. [name of reference], I am a recruiter with [name of company] pre-screening potential hires for a client and I'm hoping you can give me a few minutes of your time to discuss a former employee, [name of client].
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  First of all, could you confirm that her job title was Teller / Customer Service Representative and that her work dates were August, 2004 to February, 2013.
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  Her resume states that her job duties were cashing and verifying checks, posting payments to accounts, sending and receiving Western Unions, setting up new accounts and closing the store, is this correct?
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  And you were her direct supervisor?
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  How would you rate her overall job performance?
Employer:  On what scale?  From 1 to 10?

Interviewer:  Okay, from 1 to 10.
Employer:  I would give her an 8.

Interviewer:  An eight is pretty high, so I assume you were happy with her job performance?
Employer: [Sarcastic chuckle] Well, it depends on what you're talking about . . . . [long pause]

Interviewer:  I sense a problem in that long silence. You weren't happy with her overall job performance?
Employer:  Well, as far as work goes I was . . . I don't . . . I didn't have a problem with her work, but it was her attitude.

Interviewer:  She had a bad attitude?
Employer:  Well . . . no . . . she didn't have a bad attitude . . . she had a problem with me.  She had a problem with me from the day I started managing  . . . there used to be another manager, but when I became manager she had a problem with me.

Interviewer:  So, are you saying you had a personality conflict with her?
Employer:  Well, I suppose.  I didn't really know what the problem was.  As long as you treated her like you appreciated her all the time, everything was fine.  But if you didn't always act like you appreciated her, there was a problem.  She expected me to treat her like she was special all the time.

Interviewer:  Did you fire her as a result of this?
Employer:  No, I didn't fire her.  She quit on her own.  I don't remember exactly, but I think she talked about moving to [name of state].  I don't remember exactly why she quit, but I didn't fire her.  She just up and quit.

Interviewer:  Alright.  I know you had a personal conflict with her, but how did she get along with other employees and customers?
Employer:  Oh, there wasn't a problem there as far as I know.  She got along well with everyone, except me.  She was excellent with the customers.  I have no complaint about that at all.

Interviewer:  And what about her work -- put aside the personal conflict you had with her and tell me what you think of the quality of her work.
Employer:  Her work was very precise, neat.  I had no problem with her work at all.  She was a good worker.

Interviewer:  How would you compare her work to other customer reps who work for you?
Employer:  Her work was fine.  She had excellent typing skills.  But I wouldn't rehire her.

Interviewer:  So, she isn't eligible for rehire with your company?
Employer:  I wouldn't rehire her because of her attitude.  It has nothing to do with the quality of her work.  And I'm not going to go into any more detail about that.  It was the way she quit that makes me angry.

Interviewer:  Did she miss a lot of days of work?
Employer:  No, not that I remember.

Interviewer:  Did she come into work late very often?  Was she an employee who habitually came to work late?
Employer:  Yes, she was late quite a few times.

Interviewer:  Well, despite your personal conflict with her and the fact that she came in late too often, would you recommend her to another firm doing the same type of work -- customer service pre, teller or data entry operator?
Employer:  Yes, I would.  I wouldn't rehire her, but her typing skills are top notch and she was good with the customers.  She would be a good worker for someone else because she was a good worker, but that attitude thing . . . [laughter].

Interviewer:  Well, I believe you've given me enough information.  Thank you for your time Ms. [Reference].  Good bye.
Employer:  Bye.

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