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Sample Referene Check 10:  Employer Doesn't Give Employment Recommendations

Employer:  Hello?

Interviewer:  Hello.  Is this [name of reference]?
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer: My name is [name deleted] and I'm a recruiter with [name of company] doing a reference check on a former employee of yours by the name of [name of employee].
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  May I speak to you about him for a moment? 
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  He was a Buyer for you from November 2008 to March of this year?
Employer:  Correct.

Interviewer:  And his job duties were procuring electronics for five domestic ISO 9002 manufacturing facilities?
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  He managed direct and indirect materials through MRP?
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  His key commodity responsibilities were active electronic components, passive electronic components, printed circuit boards and all corporate computer hardware and software?
Employer:  Correct.

Interviewer:  It also says he developed new decentralized sources of supply to minimize landed costs to branch plants.
Employer:  I didn't understand that.  What was that?

Interviewer:  He claims that he developed new decentralized sources of supply to minimize landed costs to branch plants.
Employer:  Uh . . . let's say he was involved.

Interviewer:  Okay, are you saying he didn't develop new decentralized sources of supply?
Employer:  Let's say he was involved.  I can't say anything more about that.

Interviewer:  Alright.  He also lists as a job duty that he worked with engineering to resolve material nonconformance, compliance and took corrective actions?
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  He also says that he represented purchasing in a new remote control device product launch.
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  And he monitored just-in-time materials.
Employer:  Yes.

Interviewer:  How would you rate his overall job performance?

Employer:  We are not giving endorsements.  I can verify what he did and for what period of time.  That is the extent of our involvement as to what we can do.

Interviewer:  You can't discuss his work performance and abilities at all?
Employer:  No, we just verify what he did and for what period of time and I do not . . .

Interviewer:  Is this a company-wide policy?  In other words, if I called another one of his supervisors would he be able to discuss his work performance with me?
Employer:  No.

Interviewer:  Well, then, could you tell me if he is eligible for rehire?
Employer:  No, we don't disclose that information.

Interviewer:  If I contacted your HR department would they be able to tell me that?
Employer:  No, again we only verify job duties and dates and don't give endorsements.

Interviewer:  Could you tell me if he received good job performance reviews?
Employer:  No.

Interviewer:  That's too bad.  It's going to be hard for him to compete against other candidates with such a policy.
Employer:  Yes, but I have been instructed to not give endorsements.

Interviewer:  Yes, I understand you've been told by your superiors not to say anything but it really does put him at a disadvantage when he's trying to get another job.  Prospective employers want to find out about his work habits and personality traits and they can't do so when so many employers refuse to say anything out of fear of being sued.  Oh, well.   Is there anything else you would like to say about him or are free to tell me about him?
Employer:  No.

Interviewer:  Thank you very much for your time. 
Employer:  Sorry, I can't do that for you, but it is our company policy not to give endorsements and only to verify duties and dates.

Interviewer:  Yes.  I understand. Thank you very much.  Goodbye.
Employer:  Goodbye.

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