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Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question 14:  How do you feel about air travel? 

Obviously, the interviewer wouldn't be asking this question if traveling by air wasn't an important component of the job, so the only correct way to answer this question is "No, I have no problem with air travel."  You might want to expand your answer by telling the interviewer that you traveled a lot in a previous job or in your personal life.  If you tell the interviewer you are afraid of flying or cannot do so for some other reason, such as a medical condition, you will not get the job offer.

Question 15:  Have you ever owned your own business?

The best answer to this question is yes since it shows initiative and that you have had some experience marketing services or products.  Good answer:  "Yes, I ran my own business while in high school.  I went door-to-door asking people if they needed their lawns mowed.  I earned quite a sum of money in just a few months, enough to pay for a car and my first year of college."

Question 16:  Are you in good health?

The interviewer is asking this question because providing health insurance to employees costs employers a small fortune.  Consequently, many employers prefer to hire those who try to maintain their health to keep the number of claims down and insurance rates as low as possible.  Keep in mind that employers can find out your medical history and many of them make the job offer contingent upon your passing a physical examination, therefore, it wouldn't be a good idea to blatantly lie about your medical history.  That doesn't mean you should offer information you don't have to, such as "I smoked cigarettes for thirty years, but gave them up last year" or "I've had two heart attacks and a stroke".  If your health is generally good, then answer this question briefly:  "Yes, I'm in good health" or "I have no health problems that would prevent me from doing this job" and don't elaborate further.

Question 17:  What do you do to maintain your health?

Obviously, if you're in good shape, answering this question is easy:  "I jog two or three nights a week and lift weights at the Acme Gym three times a week.  I try to eat a balanced diet; I eat lots of salads and try to maintain my weight."

If you're overweight or obese (as are 65% of adult Americans) answering this question isn't going to be easy.  Sample answer:  "Well, obviously I'm overweight, so I can't tell you that I get up and jog for an hour every day, but I do walk my dogs for 45 minutes every night.   I recently started the Atkins program and have already lost seven pounds.  It's a diet I can live with, so I know this time I'll be able to lose all the weight and start taking better care of my health."

Question 18:  Do you have any physical problems that would limit your ability to perform this job?

Employers have to be very careful about asking this question as too much prying can violate your civil rights.  Therefore, they won't ask too many prying questions and you don't need to offer them very much information.  The best way to answer this question is to keep it short and simple:  "No, I don't have any physical problems that would affect my ability to perform this job." 

Question 19:  What organizations are you a member of?

The interviewer is interested in work-related memberships, not personal ones.  The fact that you are a member of the American Business Association is more important than the fact you participate in your local PTA (which reveals the fact that you have children).   It is also a good idea not to reveal religious and political affiliations, such as memberships in the Christian Business Association or the Republican Party or ethnic and cultural affiliations.

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