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Job Interview Questions and Answers for College Students and Recent College Graduates

Question 81:  Why did you decide to attend X College?  Are you happy with your choice? 

Always state that you are happy with your choice, even if you aren't.  Do not state "it was the only place that would accept you".  Do not make negative statements about the school or your professors either.  A good reason for choosing a particular school is that you liked the particular program they offered, or it is known for offering a good education in your particular major. 

Question 82:  What factors did you consider in choosing your major?

A great answer is to state you have always wanted to become X since you were a child and picked your major accordingly.  If you're changing career fields or applying for a position unrelated to your major, tell the interviewer you were interested in that subject at the time, but circumstances haven taken you down a new path.  Of course, you should put a positive spin on also stating that you have benefited tremendously by changing careers (learned new things, made you more hardworking, etc.). 

Question 83:  What is your GPA?  Do you feel it reflects your true abilities?

If your GPA is high, then this question is easy, "My GPA is 3.8."  If your GPA is not that good, perhaps you can make it better by calculating your GPA for only coursework related to your major.

Good answer 1:  "My overall GPA is not that good, 2.8; however, if you consider only my engineering coursework, my GPA is 3.8.  It was the required coursework I had to take in English and political science that drug my GPA down.  And no, it isn't an accurate reflection of my abilities.  I had to work part-time to support myself while attending university.  I had a limited amount of study time and I thought it best to spend it on engineering subjects rather than political science and English."

Good answer 2:  "My GPA was 2.9.  I don't believe it is indicative of my true abilities, as I am capable of getting much better grades.  In fact, in high school I had a 4.0 GPA and graduated in the top 10% of my class.  I got a bit sidetracked my first year of college and spent too much time socializing and attending parties.  However, if you look at my transcript, you will notice my grades significantly improved the last two years of college."

Question 84:  How has your schooling (internships) prepared you for this position?

Don't tell the interviewer that your schooling or internship has completely prepared you for the position, because it did not. 

Sample answer:  "My internships have prepared me for this position in that they gave me basic real-world experience in the accounting field. The most important lesson my internships taught me is that the accounting skills I learned from college textbooks is not enough.  The real world presents you with problems and situations not found in a textbook.  My internships allowed me to significantly improve my skills in the areas of preparing monthly statements, handling accounts receivable and payable, and completing tax returns for small businesses and so I feel I'm a good candidate for this position as these tasks are a major part of this job."

Question 85:  If you had it to do over again, would you choose the same major?

Always say that you would choose the same major even if you wouldn't.  If you don't, the interviewer might think you don't really know who you are or what you want, and consequently, might not be a very good worker or stay with the company very long.  Good answer:  "Yes, I would definitely choose the same major since I am very interested in computer science."

Question 86:  What was your favorite course in college and why?

Always answer this question with a serious course related to your major.  Good answer:  "I particularly enjoyed statistics, which might seem strange, sense most people detest it.  I think I liked it so much because I was particularly good at it.  In fact, the professor asked me to be a tutor to other students having difficulty with the material."

Question 87:  How did your college experience change you?

Obviously, your college experience prepared you to enter the workforce, but what else does the interviewer want to hear?  You emerged from your college experience more well rounded, introspective, hard-working, disciplined, mature, etc.  Good answer:  "When I entered university four years ago I thought I knew what to expect in college and what it meant to be a teacher.  But two years into college, I began to appreciate the hard work and dedication required to be a good  teacher.  I think my college experience changed me in that I have great respect for teachers and the education industry than I did when I first entered college." 

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