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Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question 61:  What have you heard about our company that you don't like?

You will probably have to do research to answer this question, particularly if the company isn't well known and you haven't heard anything about the company.  If you don't know of anything negative, then answer "I honestly haven't heard anything negative about your company.  I did do some research on your company before answering your classified ad and I didn't come across anything negative." 

If you have heard some bad news about the company, such as the fact that it is unstable or operating in the red, then say so, "I have heard that last year's profits were way down and I am concerned about this." 

Click here for tips on doing company and industry research.

Question 62:  What aspect of this job appeals to you the least?

In asking this question, the interviewer is trying to determine if you dislike doing a major part of your job.  For example, if you're a file clerk, you obviously don't want to answer by stating that you hate to file.   Like most people, you probably hate doing the routine, boring administrative tasks that everyone has to do; therefore, you might want to answer accordingly, "I don't particularly like compiling the monthly sales reports.  I love the sales process, meeting and negotiating with clients, working out in the field all day.  Sitting in front of a computer for a few hours each month doesn't particularly appeal to me.  I know it needs to be done, and I've always done this task as required in my previous jobs, but I don't particularly like doing it."  

Question 63:  How will you handle the parts of this job you like the least?

This question should be answered positively, "I will perform all of the tasks my job requires on time and to the best of my ability regardless of whether or not I enjoy them."

Question 64:  What are you looking for in your next job?

A good way to answer this question is by expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity to grow and develop and be promoted to the next level. In addition, your answer should be relevant to the job you're seeking. 

A good answer:  "In my current position, I have worked on numerous teams designing computer software products and on occasion have acted in the capacity of project manager. I am looking for a position where I can be project manager on a regular basis as I have excelled at doing that whenever I had the opportunity.  I enjoy the process of leading the team, organizing and strategizing and managing the workflow in order to develop an effective product."

Question 65:  What did you do at your current (or last) job that increased profit, reduced expenses, or improved efficiency?

Sample answer 1:  "I increased profit 30 percent my first year on the job by developing a new training program for the sales agent.  Not only were sales increased, but employee turnover was cut in half."

Sample answer 2:  "As file clerk, I was in charge of maintaining client records.  The sales staff was having problems locating files when clients called in, so I reorganized the filing system and computerized it so that they could locate a client's file within 10 seconds without leaving their desks.  This greatly improved efficiency."

Sample answer 3:  "The restaurant was losing a large amount of inventory every year through employee theft, so I told the owner he should install a new security system.  He took my advice and as a result employee theft was reduced significantly and the restaurant owner saved more than $30,000 the last three years in lost inventory.  The owner was also losing a lot of money due to employees submitting fake orders and such.  I recommended a computerized ticketing system that reduced employee theft to almost zero and increased profits $10,000 last year."

Sample answer 4:  "As secretary at Acme, it is my responsibility to make travel arrangements for all the executives in the office.  I researched travel packages on the Internet and negotiated with several vendors for discounts and was able to save $18,000 last year in travel-related costs."

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