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Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question 50: Why should we pay you the salary you're requesting? 

Answer this question by convincing the interviewer that you deserve the salary you're requesting.  The best way to do this is to point out how you have benefited your past employers in terms of increasing profit, reducing expenses, improving efficiency, etc.

Good answer:  "Last year I exceeded my annual sales quota by $500,000 and gross profit by 30 percent.  I achieved over $3.5 million in sales in a two year period setting a company record for most new accounts created in one quarter.  I intend to bring in much more each year for your company than I will earn.  Therefore, I believe this is a very fair salary."

Question 51:  What do you know about our company? 

Those who answer this question with, "Not much," will probably not be offered the job.  You should always research a company before the interview.  Learn about their products / services, size, plans, current events, etc.  If you cannot find information about a particular company, call their offices and ask the receptionist to send you information about the company in the form of a brochure, etc.  You should also research the industry in which the company operates so you are up on what's happening.

Question 52:  Why do you want this position?

Your answer should offer what you think are the most interesting aspects of the position.  More responsibility and opportunity, including a higher salary, are acceptable answers, but state them in a way that isn't blunt.  For example, "because it pays more" is not a good answer.  However, stating that, "The position offers more responsibility, challenges and interesting opportunities, as well as a higher salary," is a good answer.

Question 53:  Why do you want to work for this company?

Don't answer this question with, "Because you advertised for an X at"  Your answer should offer what you think are the most interesting aspects of the company, for example, "because it is on the cutting edge of technology" or "because you are the industry leader".  The research you do on the company in order to prepare for the interview should give you an answer to this question.

Question 54:  When can you start? 

It is customary for most employees to give at least two weeks notice to their current employer.   Those in management positions are expected to give longer notice.   You will not earn points if you express disrespect toward your current employer by telling the interviewer that you plan to quit your present job without giving sufficient notice.  He will assume you will show his company the same amount of disrespect. 

It is also a good idea to tell the interviewer you plan to start learning about your new position / employer on your off-hours (i.e., reading employee training manuals, etc.)  Telling the interviewer you can't begin work for a few months because you want to take some time-off is not a good idea. 

Question 55:  What is your commitment to this job? 

Most people would respond with an answer avowing a deep commitment to the company and the job; however, a better answer would be to state that your commitment would grow as you get to know the company and the people in it.  

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