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Question 5:  Are you willing to work overtime? 

If this wasn't an aspect of the job, the interviewer wouldn't be asking this question.  Therefore, the only acceptable answer is "yes" if you want to be considered for the job.  If your past jobs involved overtime, now would be the time to tell this to the interviewer.

"Yes, I am willing to work over time.  I have no family or personal obligations that would prevent me from working at night and on weekends.  I don't mind working over time at all."

Question 6:  What book are you currently reading? 

The only correct answer is to offer the title of a nonfiction book, preferably one that is on a subject related to your career or business in general.  For example, if you are a sales person, tell the reader you're currently in the middle of "Selling for Dummies" or the title of a book on improving your time management, personality, efficiency, etc. As part of your job search, you will have to start reading one or two acceptable books so that you can intelligently discuss them if the subject is brought up during an interview.   Some interviewers will try to determine if you regularly read by asking you for titles of 3-5 books you've read this year, so be ready.

Question 7:  What is the last movie that you saw? 

Replying that you "don't have time to watch movies as you are completely devoted to your job" is not a good answer and will not win you any points, even if the interviewer was dumb enough to believe you.  Interviewers are looking for well-rounded people who enjoy healthy activities, such as relaxation and entertainment, and will expect you to state the name of a movie. 

The movie title that you give in reply to this question should always be one that is popular with the general public, but uncontroversial, meaning that it doesn't have any negative or zealous political or religious overtones.  Don't reveal the fact that you spend way too much time watching movies by stating you have seen a particular movie 15 times or that you spend too much time watching movies.  A well-known uncontroversial movie, popular with the general public, and one that the interviewer is likely to have seen, is always a good choice.

Question 8:  What are your hobbies and interests outside of work? 

The interviewer is trying to find out (1) more about whom you are and (2) if you maintain an interest in a particular subject for a long period.  You should not indicate that you change hobbies frequently or have a problem maintaining an interest in one subject over a long period.  A good answer might be, "I have been interested in genealogy for the past five years. I am currently the President of the Adams County Genealogical Society and we meet once a month to exchange research tips.  So far, I have discovered that I am the descendent of two civil war generals and Thomas Edison as well.  It's very interesting, but I don't have much time with my busy schedule to do much research now, but I plan to spend much more time doing research after I retire."   Answers that reveal participation in sports are also good:  "For the past five years I have been an avid racquetball player.  I've competed in a dozen or so competitions and I've won a few."  Of course, you do not want to reveal any hobby or activity that most people would consider strange, such as "I collect potato chips that look like celebrities" or "I collect the autographs of convicted serial killers."

Question 9:  What do you like to watch on television?

In answering this question, one should not appear too silly or too arrogant.  Therefore, avoid revealing the fact that you have seen every episode of the Brady Bunch 200 times or that you race home from work everyday to hear the Gilligan's Island theme song.   Don't swing the other way and claim that you never watch television or only watch PBS and C-SPAN because they will know you're lying or think you are weird or boring.  The best answer reveals that you do watch television, but you watch respectable, very popular programs such as "Law and Order" or "CSI."  Never admit to being a coach potato who sits in front of the TV five hours every day.

Good answer 1:  "I don't watch that much television.  I try to catch the news everyday, I like to watch the political programs on Sunday mornings, and football in the fall.  "60 Minutes" is probably my favorite program.  My family and I usually find a movie to watch on Saturday and Sunday nights.  Sometimes we rent a few movies on weekends, but I don't really have any favorite programs I watch consistently every week."

Good answer 2: "I enjoy watching "Friends" just like millions of other Americans.  I get together with six or so friends at a pizza place on Thursday nights and we watch it together.  I rent a few movies on most weekends, and I do try to catch the news every morning when I'm getting ready for work.  I don't have that much time for television because I work and go to school full time.  And the last thing I want to do after sitting all day in class and at work is to come home and sit some more in front of a television.  In my free time, I usually go to the gym, walk my dog and spend time with my friends and family rather than watch television."

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