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Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question 37.  Are you comfortable working for a large company?

The interviewer might be asking this question because your employment history shows you've always worked for smaller companies.  Always answer this question in the positive, "Yes, I would be very comfortable working for a large company.  I believe that working for a large company would not only provide more opportunities for advancement and growth, but would also expose me to more areas in my field."

Question 38.  Are you comfortable working for a small company? 

The interviewer might be asking this question because your employment history shows you've always worked for larger companies and doubts you will be able to fit in to a new environment.  Always answer this question in the positive, "Yes, after working for a large corporation the past five years, I look forward to working for a small company where employees work more closely with one another and there is more of an informal team-effort rather than the cold, impersonal corporate atmosphere.  I did work for smaller companies at the start of my career and have always missed that atmosphere and look forward to it again."

Question 39:  Why have you changed jobs so frequently?

Reasons for job-hopping should be based on your past employers' failure to challenge you, failure to give you enough opportunity for advancement, because you needed more money, or for family reasons, and never on the fact that your past employers were incompetent, dumb, or unfair.   Do not indicate in any way that you are hard to get along with or get bored and leave at the drop of a hat, and make sure you point out any jobs you did hold for a long time.  Mention that your current goal is long-term employment and back that up with any proof you have to want job stability such as a new baby, new marriage, new home, etc.  If the job you're applying for offers you the challenges and environment you were always looking for, make sure you point out this fact. 

Good answer 1:  "Well, at ABC Corporation, I was hired as an entry level salesman with the promise of rapid promotion to management within one year.  After a year and a half, I realized that I wasn't going to be promoted as promised and took a position elsewhere because I could not support my family without the commissions that were promised.  At Acme, I was told that the job was very challenging and exciting with significant opportunities for advancement within one year, but this did not materialize. The job was very unchallenging and the company seemed to be failing.  I felt like I was capable of doing much more than sitting around with little to do, so I left.  I admit that my resume shows some job hopping of late, but this is why I am so interested in the position with your company.  I feel certain that this position offers very challenging and interesting work, as well as opportunities for advancement for those willing to work hard.  Your company is very profitable and stable and has a good reputation in the industry.  I know that this will be a position I will stay with a very long time." 

Good answer 2:  "I do not believe that my work history is an accurate reflection of who I am.  I am actually a very stable person who would enjoy very much working for the same employer for a long period.   Note that on my resume, it indicates that I worked for XYZ Company for five years in the early 1990s.  I admit that my resume indicates some job hopping in the late 1990s, but this was because I was caring for my elderly, sick mother between 1995 and 2001.  Caring for her required being available nights and on weekends, so I was not able to work overtime as the job at Acme required.  I had to resign after working there for only a year.  At XYZ Industries, I had to resign after only one year because they insisted on transferring me to the west coast.  I simply could not move away from my mother who was too elderly and ill to make such a move.  My mother passed away in 2001, I got married a year later and had a child.  Now, I have a wife and child to support and a mortgage to pay.  I am eager to settle down and work for a company like yours for a long period of time."

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