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Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question 33.  Why should we hire you? 

Take several minutes to answer this question, incorporating your personality traits, strengths, and experience in to the job you're applying for.  A good answer is to focus on how you can benefit the company.  You can best do this by matching your skills and qualifications to those needed for the job and be ready with examples of how your skills, talents, etc., mesh with the needs of that particular company. 

Sample answer 1:  "You should hire me because I have considerable experience and success in marketing software products to small companies.  I know that your organization has not done well serving the small business sector and would like to greatly expand sales in this segment. At Acme, I was able to increase small business accounts 60 percent in just two years. At XYZ Corporation, I single-handedly brought in 260 new small business accounts in just three years, which was a company record.   Currently, your company has a very high turnover rate among sales recruits, approximately 60 percent.  I succeeded in reducing employee turnover by more than 30% at both Acme and XYZ.   I also had great success in leading and motivating new sales recruits.  A large percentage of those I have trained have gone on to be stellar performers.  This is why you should hire me.  I can make a positive impact on sales and help reduce your labor costs, making this company more competitive and profitable."

Sample answer 2:  "I believe I am the best person for this position because you need an office manager who can work effectively with diverse employees in a very fast-paced hectic environment.  I have more than a decade of experience supervising clerical workers from diverse cultures, helping them to become more productive and efficient.  I have reduced employee turnover by more than 20% in the past three years, which saved my employer more than $1 million in related hiring and training costs each of those three years.  I also eliminated the need for 10% of the office staff by automating several processes, saving my employer a small fortune in labor costs.  I am confident that I can resolve your current labor problems, reduce your labor costs significantly while improving worker morale and productivity." 

Question 34.  What reference books do you use at work? 

One should not answer this question, "I don't have any reference books."  A good, safe answer is to state that you use a dictionary on a regular basis and one or two other books that are relevant to your field.  For example, if you are a sales person you might respond, "I keep a dictionary handy and the book that helped me succeed in sales, "How to Win Friends and Influence People."   If your work involves accounting, then mention a few accounting reference books; if your work involves computer programming, and then mention a few relevant books, etc.

Question 35.  Have you ever held a position that wasn't right for you? 

One can answer this question either yes or no, but answering "no" would be better.  If you answer yes, then you need to explain the mistake you made in exercising good judgment, and a good reason is always the lure of more money.  For example, one might answer:  "A good friend of mine convinced me that I could make six figures quite easily selling real estate, so I gave up my job as an office manager and jumped right in.  I soon realized I wasn't cut out for that world because there were too many players and I didn't have the necessary connections.  Had I known that fewer than 10% of real estate agents manage to make a decent living, I never would have entered the field.  I stayed in real estate for a year before I realized I was not going to make a six figure income, so I quit and found another position as an office manager, which is work that I am good at and like doing."

Question 36.  What is your most significant career accomplishment?

Just answer this question honestly.  You don't have to be Albert Einstein and say "I discovered the theory of relativity."  A good answer:  "I think my most significant career accomplishment is rising from a receptionist to a district manager at Acme in just five years.  I started there with no education and no training, and I worked hard all day and went to school at night until I earned a master's degree in management." 

Another good answer:  "I think my most significant career accomplishment was winning the XYZ account at Acme, which brought my employer $30 million in sales and help establish the company as an international player.  It wasn't easy winning that account because we were competing with a dozen or so competitors who could offer a more high-tech product at a lower price, but I was able to put together a package that convinced the management at XYZ that our company was better for them in the long-term."

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