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Topics to Research Before the Job Interview

When researching a company to prepare for the job interview, you should know the answers to the following questions and decide how your particular skill set benefits the company.  The job interviewer will expect you to know something about the company.  How can you come across as eager to work for a company if you know nothing about its corporate environment, products or services, future goals or competitors?

Most applicants who show up for the job interview won't bother to research or learn anything about the company.  If you do take the time beforehand to learn as much as you can, you will make a much better impression at the interview.  This can result in a second interview or perhaps a job offer.

Before you go to the job interview, find out the following about the company:

How old is the company?  How large is the company?
What are its products or services?
Who are its customers?
Who are its major competitors?
What are its reputation / industry standing?
What are its new products or services?
What are its short- and long-term goals?
How has the company resolved problems?
Have there been recent employee layoffs?
Where is the companies' headquarters located?
What are the backgrounds of the managers?
What training programs are offered?

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