Send a Thank You Note After the Job Interview

A follow-up thank you letter to the interviewer is an important step in the interviewing process, one that candidates often forget to take.  Sending such a letter is not only proper business etiquette, but it also makes you stand out from the other candidates competing for the same position.  Write your thank you letter as soon as possible after the interview. 

You should send a follow-up thank you letter even if you don't want the job.  If this is the case, let the interviewer know in your thank you letter.  Ask the interviewer to keep you in mind for any positions with the company that might be available in the future.

Components of the Follow-up Thank You Letter

Your thank you letter can be typed in a business letter format or handwritten using a pre-printed thank you note.  The letter or note should express appreciation for the opportunity to interview, tour the facilities, meet other employees, etc.  You might also want to write about the following:

  • Mention the day of your interview and the position for which you interviewed.
  • Express continued interest in the position and the company.
  • Re-emphasize your most important skills and qualifications and how you expect to contribute to the organization.
  • Include any information you forgot to mention in the interview, if necessary, but be brief.
  • Close your letter with a comment about future contact with the employer.

Sample Thank You Letter 1:  "I appreciated the opportunity to interview at your hospital on Monday.  The tour of the facilities and conversations with Acme's laboratory staff gave me a clear overview of the role of technologists at your facility.  In particular, I was impressed with the state-of-the-art equipment in Acme's laboratories and the exciting medical research that is being conducted there.

The entire experience has confirmed my desire for employment as a medical technologist with Acme Hospital.  My internship as a lab assistant, along with my microbiology and chemistry course work, has prepared me well for this position.  Based on my interview, I think I would fit in well with the Acme laboratory staff.

Thank you again for the experience of getting to know your organization better.  I would welcome the opportunity to work for Acme Hospital, and I look forward to hearing from you in the next two weeks."

Sample Thank You Letter 2:  If you decided after interviewing that you do not want the position, your note might read something like the following:

"Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the position of ____________ the other day.  While I still would enjoy working for your company, after learning more about the position I realize that I am searching for a more challenging position that better utilizes my skills and experience and requires less travel.  If your company has such a position, please let me know."
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