How to Resign From Your Job
Suggestion 1.  Try to mend any damaged relationships with supervisors

For months now, you've been looking forward to the day you resign from your present job so you will at last be able to tell the boss exactly what you think of him.  Perhaps you'll tell off a few of your co-workers while you're at it, but don't do it, even if you think you will never need this employer as a reference.  Why?  Odds are high you will need a reference from this employer sometime in the future when you will be thoroughly investigated for a job that you want.  When this day comes, you will be glad you didn't tell your boss what you really think of him.  In fact, it would be a very good idea for you to try to mend any fences before you quit your job.

Suggestion 2.  Don't let a resignation letter damage your legal rights

If you signed an employment contract, you need to review it before handing in your resignation letter.  Make sure resigning doesn't result in your forfeiting your right to receive bonuses or unpaid commissions.  Remember also that when you resign, you are forfeiting your right to collect unemployment benefits.   If you are resigning because your boss is violating the law, such as blackmailing you, sexually harassing you or racially discriminating against you, a consultation with an attorney would be a good idea before handing in your resignation letter, particularly if you plan to file suit.  What you write in your resignation letter could be used against you.

Suggestion 3.  Know Your Employer's Policy Regarding Resignations

Some companies consider your employment with them to end the day you hand in your resignation and will waive your offer of the standard two-week notice.  For this reason, you should find out how your current employer treats employees who resign before deciding how much notice to give.  You want to avoid surprises like the following true story:  A woman accepted a new position that was due to start in three months.  She thought she would be helping her current employer out by giving a three month notice.  Much to her surprise, her employer told her she could leave the day she handed in her resignation letter.  She was without income for three months.   Had she asked her co-workers beforehand, she would have been told that the company always lets people go on the very day that they resign.

Sample resignation cover letters.
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