Broadcast or Cold Cover Letters

A broadcast cover letter is sent to a company for whom you would like to work.  Unfortunately, even the best broadcast cover letter in the world is not very effective because so many people are sending such letters to companies every week.  In fact, there are companies who specialize in preparing and sending out hundreds of broadcast cover letters for their clients.  These companies tell their clients that they will receive just a handful of responses for every thousand letters sent out. 

Sample broadcast cover letter 1:

I have researched your corporation and am impressed with your company's management style and reputation in the employment industry.  I am very interested in exploring job opportunities with your organization, as I believe I could make a significant contribution in a company like yours.

Please allow me to briefly tell you about myself.  I have 10 years of experience as a benefits manager.  My experience includes pension plans, dental, life, and disability insurance and responsibility for all facets of management of the company plan, including sales, account management and maintenance for a large corporation similar to yours.  I have implemented procedures for my last employer that resulted in significantly reducing administrative costs while improving efficiency at the same time.  I believe my ideas for improving your benefits program would result in a significant savings as well.

A copy of my résumé is enclosed.  I would be happy to meet with you and discuss my qualifications in more detail.  I will call you in a few weeks to see if an interview might be possible.  In the meantime, thank you for your time and consideration.

Sample Broadcast Cover Letter 2:

Please consider my qualifications, as summarized below and on the attached résumé, for a position of Estimator or Project Manager with your firm.  I believe that the experience I have gained over the past six years operating my own construction consulting firm and the training and knowledge I received as a construction management major in college would be of enormous benefit to your organization.

As a self-employed construction management consultant, I completed over $1.5 million in reconstruction sales and services on residential projects.  I also sub-contracted my construction management services out to sub-contractors, which allowed me to perform sales, estimating, project management and collections duties.  I also gained considerable knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Successfully managed multiple projects concurrently and completed all projects on time and within budget
  • Trained and supervised 23 crews of roofers, siders, window, gutter, and sheet metal installers, and interior/exterior painters comprised of 117 workers
  • Gained considerable knowledge of building practices and codes

My qualifications also include:

  • A Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Construction Management (IDCM)  with a minor in Business Administration
  • Proficiency in computerized estimating and construction-related software applications such as Timberline Estimating Software; Suretrack Project Management Software; and SPSS Statistical Software

In addition, I have enjoyed a reputation for being a very hard-working, intelligent, and industrious individual.  My motivation is to completely utilize my accumulated experience and knowledge to the fullest extent possible, becoming a valuable asset for the right company.  I would appreciate the opportunity to interview with you.  Thank you for your consideration.

Sample Broadcast Cover Letters are Accountant, Broker, Electrical Engineer, Librarian, Project Manager, Software Developer, Systems Architect and Technical Consultant.

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