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A networking cover letter is sent to people who you believe can help you find a new job or who might know someone who can help you find a new job.  [See also, "Job Networking for Beginners"] 

Sample 1.  Networking cover letter:

I was recently speaking with Mr. Smith at your company and he strongly recommended that I send you a copy of my résumé.  Knowing the requirements for the Sales Manager position, he felt that I would be an ideal candidate since for more than eleven years, I've been involved in regional sales management, with seven years working in the telecommunications industry. 

My qualifications for the position also include:

  • Establishing sales offices in Springfield, New York and San Diego
  • Recruiting and managing a group of 40 regional sales representatives
  • Providing training programs for a staff of 180
  • Generating more than $80 million in sales in less than two years

I feel confident that my expertise in training and managing a regional sales department would be an excellent addition to your growing telecommunications corporation and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my abilities could be an asset to your firm.

I look forward to meeting with you, Mr. Wilson, and will give you a call early next week to follow up on this letter.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sample 2.  Networking Cover Letter:

Your friend, John Doe from XYZ Company, told me you are looking for a person to fill the position of Information Systems Manager.  He suggested that the job description matched my qualifications very closely, and that I should look into it further.

I am very interested in working with a dynamic corporation such as XYZ.  I believe I could make a significant contribution by utilizing my skills, experience and education in the area of information systems technology.  My background and accomplishments in managing information systems at Acme Corporation shows that I could produce results quickly.

Enclosed is my résumé.  If you have already filled the position, please consider me for related positions.  I would appreciate the opportunity to tell you about some of the dramatic results I have achieved for top-notch companies over the course of my career.  I will telephone you early next week to inquire about the possibility of an interview.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

In the sample cover letters section, the sample networking letters are Administrator, Call Center Manager, Counselor, Information Systems Manager, Loan Officer, Sales Manager, Sales Rep, and Supply Chain Manager.

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