Types of Cover Letters

There are four types of cover letters:  (1) response to a classified ad; (2) networking; (3) general broadcast; and (4) letter to a recruiter.

1.  Responding to a classified advertisement:  Despite the significant impact the Internet has had on the employment industry, locating job opportunities through classified ads is still the number one way in which employers and workers find each other.

Preparing a cover letter in response to a classified ad is the easiest of all the cover letters to prepare if you know how to do it well.  If you want to learn how to write an extremely effective and simple cover letter in response to a classified ad study our sample cover letters.  They are proven to be highly effective in getting your resume placed in the "call for an interview pile."

2.  The Networking Letter:   Are you aware than more than 60 percent of all available jobs are never advertised or that almost half of all people surveyed claim that they found their last job by networking?  If you aren't sending out networking letters, you're missing out on hidden employment opportunities.

3.  The Broadcast or "Cold" contact letter:  This type of letter is the least effective type of cover letter because you are contacting a company with whom you have no ties in hopes that they have an opportunity for you.  The problem with this type of letter is that you must send out hundreds of letters to get a single response.  If that weren't bad enough, hundreds of other people are also sending letters.

4.  Letters to Recruiters:  As more and more employers use the professional screening services of recruiters, you might want to send a few letters to recruiters who specialize in your field.  You must include specific information in a cover letter to a recruiter such as regions you are willing to relocate to and expected salary.  The major drawback of sending a letter to a recruiter is that they receive many unsolicited letters each week and it's hard to get noticed unless they happen to have a job available that you would be perfect for.

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