Company and Industry Research
Yahoo Finance
Best place to find information and recent news about publicly-traded companies

Google Finance
Similar to Yahoo Finance and offers the same basic information

Big Charts
Locate links to directories, yellow pages, associations and research tools

Forbes Lists of Best Companies
Top 500 privately held companies, top 200 small companies, etc.  Visit their "lists" section

Hoover's Online
Research millions of companies (but must register and pay a fee)

Public Register Online
Locate annual reports on over 5000 companies and have additional info sent to you
Find information on thousands of publicly-traded companies

Fortune Magazine Lists
Best 500 companies to work for with key sales and financial data, top companies and industries, best companies for women, minorities

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You can always find lots of information about a company on its website and Facebook pages, but below are other places you can find out more about a company or industry.
Resume writing tips, cover letter writing tips, job interview questions and answers