Career Fairs
Career fairs are one of the best ways to meet many employers in a few hours and find out where the jobs are.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most benefit out of a career fair.

Step 1:  Find out which companies are participating in the career fair and decide for whom you would like to work.

Step 2: Prepare targeted cover letters and resumes for each of the companies for whom you would like to work and bring them with you to the career fair in a protective portfolio.  If necessary, take the time to research these companies and learn more about them.  Prepare generalized resumes and cover letters to distribute to the employers for whom you are not particularly interested in working.

Step 3: Distribute your cover letters and resumes to employers at the career fair.   Taking the time to prepare for a career fair in this manner will make you stand out from the vast majority of other applicants who won't complete the steps above.

For those who might not know, you are supposed to dress for a career fair just as you would for a job interview.

Below are links to websites that list career fairs.  Take advantage of career fairs whenever possible because the employers who participate in career fairs are often desperate to find enough qualified employees.

Remember that most available jobs in the United States are NEVER advertised.  Attending career fairs is a vital part of your networking plan to find hidden jobs.  Here are links to websites that provide very good information about career fairs:

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