Best Jops for the 21st Century

With more and more jobs being exported overseas and the workplace becoming fiercely competitive, it is important to pick a career that will be in high demand in the future and afford you the lifestyle you want without creating credit and debt problems. The following fields are associated with very healthy industries which are expected to continue growing at a faster than average rate:

Administration, Nursing, Physical Health, Dentistry, Mental Health

Biotechnology, Engineering, Information Technology

Business and Professional Services
Financial Services (Banking, Securities, Accounting, Insurance), Human Resources, Law, Communications, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Food Services

Public Service
Social Services, Education, State and Local Government

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Emerging Careers

Although mostly unheard of today, the following careers are expected to be in high demand in the years to come:

information broker
job developer
leisure consultant
bionic electron technician
computational linquist
fiber optic technician
fusion engineer
image consultant
relocation counselor
retirement counselor
robot technician
space mechanic
underwater archaeologist